Patent Amassador?

Economic prosperity is based on successful innovations. But this success is threatened: ambitious, hungry for success Asian companies are systematically conquering market shares and legally securing them through patents. Companies and particularly SMEs therefore urgently need the power of patents to survive in the competitive battle.

Spring Conference of the German Physical Society The doctor of physics and author of books has been working enthusiastically for»»
What managers and innovators in SMEs need to know about patents Publisher: Vahlen, Edition 1 (February 6, 2017) Author: Carmen»»

This is something managers and innovators in C & I need to know about patents:

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»Patentwissen für die Praxis«

Publisher: Vahlen, Edition 1 (February 6, 2017). Author: Carmen Tesch-Biedermann, Language: German
Available at Amazon and Kindle-Edition. »Brief Insight.

What makes patents at their core, what they do, who they use, and how dangerous they are to others is described in this entertaining book designed specifically for managers.